Oct 20, 2010

A diary of a young girl - Anne Frank


Author: Anne Frank
Publication Date: First Published in 1947
Review: First of all, I would like to tell that am not one of those guys who enjoy reading someone elses personal diary. Whether it be a guy or a girl. The reason I bought this book was because of its popularity. When I start reading a book, no matter how boring, I finish it. But in this case it was impossible. Even Kurt Cobain's murder case documentary was much more interesting than this book. Its filled up with so much personal stuff about anne franks life that I just had to stop in the middle of the book. Its barely about the war and more about what was going on inside the house, where anne and others were hiding. I had no interest in reading about their every day fights and neither was I interested about her exploration in the field of adulthood (lol). But well, of course you can't expect such a young girls diary to be as interesting as Harry Potter or Twilight. I myself was stupid at that age, maybe much more stupid than Anne Frank was. For a girl of her age its well written. Many of you may think that one can never be happy in such a situation. But after reading it you'll realize how brave Anne Frank was, and how she and others kept their hopes alive. They lived their lives to the fullest possible. So unlike me many of you may find beauty and humor in the book. I found it too, but well the stuff I mentioned before annoyed me so much that I had to quit. So well, I won't say that don't read it. Its worth a try. A good read.

Oct 15, 2010

Darkest Powers - Kelley Armstrong


Author: Kelley Armstrong
Published Date: July 1, 2008 (The Summoning); April 28, 2009 (The Awakening); April 6, 2010 (The Reckoning)
Details: 400 pages (The Summoning); 368 pages (The Awakening); 400 pages (The Reckoning)
Publisher: HarperCollins
Review: The Darkest powers series is one of the best series I've ever read. When it started to become well-known in my social group, I decided I'd give it a try... never suspecting that it would have me so taken. Chloe Saunders, a typical tenage girl, when suddenly finds herself bumping into strange people - who are not people at all - she is submitted to a mental house. There she unravels mysterious secrets, finds herself asking questions and bumps into stuff that doesn't make any sense. Slowly, she finds out that she has been gathered there for a purpose - a purpose she has to run from to save her life... and her friends'. The series takes you running with it; saving lifes, fighting dangerous powers, escaping... and in between it all those small teenage moments when there's no-one in the world but that one special person. Those of you who don't read this series, are definatly missing out on something pretty great.

I recommend this series to everyone; it will have people of all ages intrigued and it's suitable for younger people too.

Oct 5, 2010

Pants on Fire - Meg Cabot


Author: Meg Cabot
Published Date: May 1st, 2007
Details: 272 pages, hardcover
Review: When I started this book, I had no doubt it would be a cool read. All books I've read by Meg have been awesome. What I didn't understand, though, was the title. Pants on Fire? Weird name. As I started reading the story, I found that it was taken from 'liar, liar, pants on fire' - one of my favorite saying! It's really funny how Katie always ends up lying! It sounded so... teenage-ish! Just like I used to do. The story is also heart-touching when she's with Tommy. Fighting against her desire to be with him just so she can stay famous was a real struggle.. but at the end, she chose what was right. This is a must read!

I'd say that youngsters shouldn't try out this book... it has alot of intimate stuff. But I found the book fun, funny and nice to read.

Oct 4, 2010

Haunted - R.L.Stine

Author: R.L. Stine
Published Date: July, 1990
Details: 164 pages
Review: R.L.Stine really hit it this time... I love this fearstreet part! It is so emotional and heart-touching... I didn't know he could write like that! He's totally gruesome, horrific and all that, but man, no way sentimental. Well, I was proved wrong when I fell in love with a ghost! Yep, a ghost who comes to the past to save the girl who kills her because he can't see her being killed. Confusing, eh? Well read it yourself and tell me if I'm wrong... isn't this book just great?
Recommended to everyone!

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