Oct 15, 2015

Wuthering Heights Review

Author: Emily Bronte 
Published in: December 1847 
Genre: Gothic Fiction
Review: We are eager to devour a book, when we feel captivated by its characters. To me almost every character of this novel seemed like an antihero. Heathcliff, whom I pitied initially, was later cruel and villainous. Every character at some point in the novel acted disagreeable. Be it Linton, with his imprudence towards his wife; be it Earnshaw, with his venomous nature against his foster brother Heathcliff. From the beginning to the end, the one character that I found to be likeable throughout the novel was Nelly Dean. And later onwards Catherine Linton and Hareton Earnshaw. Hareton, who was spoiled to be ill-mannered, unlettered and rude, had a good heart and a soul eager and craving to be loved. I found Nelly to be the only sane minded person in my opinion; I actually feel surprised how she managed to live with such hot heads around her. Her heart was pure and she was one who despite being ill-treated remained devoted and sincere to her duties and relationships. Another character I failed to like is the leading character Catherine Earnshaw, despite her likeable personality, perhaps because of her wild nature and her  decision to marry Linton, which not only ruined three lives but also became the root cause of all the misery from which many lives went through. Wuthering Heights in my view sets an example of how hatred gives birth to more hatred. This tragic and dramatic tale seems to me as overrated, possibly due to the author's untimely death, but for a debut novel this work of art is certainly praiseworthy.

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